A major focus of Sprout Festival is to provide an educational platform for the festival attendee, and for every person who comes to Sprout Festival to walk away with beneficial learning experiences.

Our workshop and educational space will provide thought provoking information sessions and hands on workshops.

The key theme of these workshops and information sessions will be focused on Sustainability and Environmental Consciousness.

We encourage every festival attendee to get engaged with this area and take home something useful and beneficial.


This space will be facilitated by Organic Motion 

Organic Motion was established in 2011 in response to a desire to provide organic and localised food production. Realising the impact that this has not only for our health and well-being, but also this incredible earth that supports us and all of life.

Together as a team of friends and now business partners we nurture this enterprise for the love of engaging with inspiring like-minded people who value a nature connected lifestyle, and want to leave a legacy for future generations. Throughout the years, we have designed and installed hundreds of edible gardens, taught thousands of people skills for sustainability and have provided services throughout Australia and overseas.

Plant the Seed Productions is excited to be working alongside Organic Motion to produce an educational space that every festival attendee can engage with.


Workshop Facilitators 
Will Arkhivewtf even is #auspol?
A surface-level exploration of australia’s government: how it works, why it doesn’t, and the way it affects YOU.
Jay JacksonGrow Beyond Your Garden
Find your team to achieve your dream! This fun interactive session will show you how permaculture principles apply to social connections and how you to make symbiotic relationships for mutual benefit…quickly! Cut the small talk and get down to business, permaculture style.
Luke McMillan – Reversing Climate Change – What Science can do

Luke McMillan is a recent Bachelor Graduate of Geo-Science Planning on commencing an Honours in Geochemistry in 2020. Chemical tracers and signatures are an ever more powerful tool in understanding the real roots behind what is happening in the microscopic realm of the living and non-living alike. Understanding what is happening at the chemical level has always been at the forefront of Climate Change research, however, the polls are in and it is undeniable that Anthropogenic Climate Change is here to stay. To move forward we must focus on two key aspects

1. Changing the perception of our species as whole and convincing politicians and world leaders that the time to act is now and;
2. Quantifying and implementing tools for change and lifestyle habits to decrease our carbon footprint on the world, including the benefit of strategic technology.

This presentation will be focused on the later, more specifically looking into Negative Emission Technologies (NETs). NETs are anything that remove CO2 from the atmosphere, including reforestation, burial of plant biomass and enhanced weathering. We will be investigating NETs as whole, looking at the pros and cons, the social opinions and potential environment effects. More specifically however i will be delivering insight into one method, Enhanced Weathering, which is currently being researched at James Cook University, Cairns. The Project is attempting to quantify how Enhanced weathering can both sequester CO2 from the atmosphere and increase soil fertility and food security.

Tonielle ChristensenHolistic Time Travel
Holistic Time travel is accessing wisdom from your past, present and future to retrieve and inspire aspects of yourself beyond logic. Do you move in time, through time, or is time just in your mind? Are you being present in the now, is it the place in space you reside? Come explore, in
this guided adventure that invites all parts of self to step into different timelines to gain a holistic perspective of goal setting and manifestation.
Sociocracy for Collaborative Work
Sociocracy is a ‘whole systems’ framework for collaborating in groups. It’s a permaculture perspective for peer to peer governance and dynamic decision making that is effective, transparent and equivalence. It’s all about process, how to meet, hold space, get stuff done and has people care at the core.
Ryan Schroter, Emma L Baker, Solomon Brown, Ross McDonald and Ashaya RoseEcstatic Clarity 

Our mission is to help people experience the purest states of peace and joy without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Ecstatic Clarity is a dynamic workshop like no other.

You can expect a synergistic merging of Emotional Alchemy, Breathwork, Soul Activation, Sound Healing and Free flow Ecstatic Dance.

This workshop is for people who want;

-to start the weekend with a true HIGH VIBE.
-to experience a state of consciousness you never felt possible … SOBER
-to let go of the blocks around your purest expression and creativity
-a new sense of embodied confidence and power.
-to dance away the worries keeping you from pure presence in being

This signature meditation created by Ryan incorporates clearing techniques of the SPIRAL 🌀 to release emotional and energetic blockages held in the body, Chakra System and personal energy Field leaving you with the feeling of… Ecstatic Clarity.

What would that feel like??

The meditation is accompanied with Instrumental Sorcery by Ross, powerfully mastering intention and sound. Ross intuitively plays through the ceremony with the hang drum, flute, tibetan bowls, Crystal Quartz bowls, medicine drums and primordial vibrations of the (yidaki) didgeridoo.

After the Emotional Alchemy and Sound Healing Session, Emma L Baker will be joining the Facilitator team to deliver a powerful SOUL ACTIVATION

Mind, Body, Soul, Alchemy is Emma’s mission, she is here to unravel the conscious and unconscious patterns that are disconnecting anyone from the truth of who they are – releasing all limitations to step in to their birth right power.

Ashaya will then lead us into a free flow, ecstatic dance, while Solomon plays an intricately woven tapestry of ethnic electronic music, sacred bass, tribal beats and a worldly instrumental infusion for the mind, body and soul.

As we treat this workshop very much a sacred and ceremonial space, entry for those under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be DENIED.

Once doors close and ceremony begins there will be NO ENTRY.

Thomas Lowth and Shay RyanEarth Heros
Earth Heroes is a group workshop designed at evoking compassion and inspiration for everyday people to step into their Earth Hero being. We will look at stories of people across the globe who are doing amazing things for the Earth. With a strong focus on sustainability, innovative technology and activism. After we set the scene of how Earth has many heroes doing great things for humanity we will reflect back into our own lives and question our purpose and what we can each do to align our lifestyles to creating a better future for all. We will use activities and small exercises to bring out the Hero in everyone. We will give ourselves new objectives and we will create relationships with each other to hold each other accountable for being and navigating in our higher states.
Cindy WhalleyHow do we celebrate toxin free?

Celebrate Life toxin free Gatherings are inspiring a new culture for tribe to come together in a clear space, where we can connect to self, each other + the land. In this panel we will explore + sample natural medicinal plant alternatives as one of the many powerful tools to transition out of chemicals, substance abuse + addiction. In this sharing circle, we will touch on current festival culture + discuss the foundations for a sustainable way to play at festivals.  Have you ever been ‘toxin free’ at a festival? Is so how did it make you feel? Was it awkward or easy? We welcome + appreciate everyones input + respect that everyones experience + journey is completely individual. This is a judgement free space with the intention to share knowledge amongst us + have positive discussions about how we can evolve together as a community.

Blue Lotus + Cacao journey

Magic Mixes invite you to join them in celebrating + connecting with the wisdom of the Ancient Mayan Cacao + Egyptian Blue Lotus in this sacred circle. Combining these medicinal plants in a magical brew, we will journey together, learning about the Ancestral lineage of these powerful plants + how to use them ceremonially in the modern day world to navigate life. We deeply honour + acknowledge the plant spirits, the cacao tribes + we have deep gratitude for them allowing us to share their wisdom + medicine with you all.

Jenna VarleyLearn mad skills with a hula hoop
Come and join in our hoop JAM / workshop! Bring your own hoop or use one of mine. Bring your own style, be ready to move, don’t take yourself too seriously and have some fun with us! I can teach you any hoop moves you wanna learn – on body, isolations, coinflips, palmspins, escalators, doubles tricks, and more! Or just dance and party if you feel. Whatever your vibe, we got you covered!
Emily DavisEco-Anxiety: How To Turn Fear Into Action
Does your heart hurt knowing about the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef? Do you have sleepless nights worrying about ongoing mass extinction of species across the planet? Does the future of the planet scare you? You may be suffering from eco-anxiety.
Eco-anxiety is anxiety about ecological disasters and threats to the natural environment such as the climate crisis. We intend to have a facilitated open discussion on dealing with eco anxiety. We will create a safe space for people to share their feelings of existential despair at the state of the planet and offer each other support and techniques to cope with these sometimes overwhelming feelings.
Rupert Faust rEvolution of Human Consciousness
What is consciousness? How has that been evolving over time? Where were the distinct evolutionary leaps? How does that affect the way we organise ourselves? All of these questions and more will be covered in this highly engaging presentation.
Having a clear map of where we’ve been, and where we are at now as a collective consciousness can help clarify where we are going. Using the latest philosophical thinking and models of Integral Theory, Spiral Dynamics and Teal (Reinventing Organizations), and mapping them against the chakras, one gets a clear picture of where we have come from, where we are at now, and where we are heading, and how fast it’s happening.
This presentation and discussion is where you want to be if you are looking for a broad understanding to make some sort of sense of the chaos that is going on in the world today
Permaculture Ethics & Principles
This is an engaging philosophical session in the conceptual context of permaculture. When opening up to this vast world of knowledge and experience, it is easy to got lost in the sea of techniques and how they fit into the grande scheme of things. No dig gardens, food forests, aquaculture, certified organic, biodynamic, herb spirals, planned grazing, zones, etc are all techniques and this session won’t cover any of that.
The reality is that any technique, whether it be food forests or composting is not necessarily permaculture if it doesn’t adhere to the guiding ethics and principles that give permaculture its holistic context. This workshop is designed to give participants a high level overview and introduction to the history, philosophy, ethics, principles and context of permaculture.
Blair WrightRigged – Live Electronic Music Production
‘Rigged’ is an in depth look into the art of live electronic performances with a focus on B-Syde’s unique rig. Sharing over a decade of experience of creating and performing music using electronic production equipment. B-Syde will share his insight into live electronic production techniques shedding light on hardware vs software, sequencing vs looping and giving his audience a chance to create their own musical sequence using his performance rig.
Nicholo LalooConsent is Sexy and Necessary
What is Consent? How do we maintain it? What is consent in action? What would this society be if we all, including the powers that be practiced consent? We want to talk about consent and how we as a community can make this world a safer and more inclusive for all!
This workshop will be a facilitated discussion on the different elements of consent; radical consent and community envisioning. We believe that consent needs to extend to all parts of our lives and from a foundational understanding of interpersonal consent, we hope to brainstorm with participants about what our communities would look like if they were based on consent and if we all practiced consent. Activities will introduce ‘consent in action’ and intend to empower participants to find their voice when personal boundaries are broken in day to day life. We acknowledge the inherent violence of this society and understand that this could be a triggering conversation, we will take appropriate steps to ensure the appropriate support is given if needed.
Nadine HorisakAcro 4 All
This dynamic workshop combines Acrobatics and Yoga moves all made possible through Partner or group work.
You will create core strength and stretch your body without even realizing it!
We always start at beginner level and incorporate games as an interesting way to get to know each other, generate trust and gain confidence. We can then move onto some basic balances, shapes and flows.
Participants will be taught all the safety they need to then take Acro Yoga as far as they would like to go with it.
There’s no need to bring a partner or to have any prior experience, our team are able to meet people where they are at and with the three of us we can maximize their safety.
Natalie Barnes –Be the Change 
Lets discuss turning this concept into a reality so that we can be the change we want to see in the world. Its not that hard you just have to stop talking about it and do it!
Hannah Barham and Shantelle Marie – Authentic Relating
Authentic Relating is a human connection experiment – involving activities that facilitate deep communication and vulnerability. Being one’s authentic self is not a simple task and is not enacted by revealing our every thought. Instead we must tread a line between ‘unfiltering’ ourselves and seeing the places where a filter will keep us and others safe. Through guided group conversations that stimulate rawness and meaningful interactions between strangers AR helps people connect more with themselves and the community around them. Authentic Relating games have their roots in psychology theory and emerged from San Francisco’s human growth movement in the ‘90s, since then have been run around the world and at many different festivals across Australia.The more that we practice Authentic Relating skills in safe and open environments such as festivals, the more able we are to use them in our everyday lives and have more meaningful experiences.
Scott SteenstraRandom RagTags
We are an entertaining roving workshop. We set up close to the dance floor ready to share the joy of flow arts using a variety of our handmade, upcycled props! All ages welcome
We dress up in costume and dance around the festival in a beautiful display of the style, skill and passion we’ve developed over years of practice and play.
Collectively we have been involved with the circus and flow arts for over a decade and also have a stilt act we can bring into the picture 🙂
Skyhigh JugglingAdvanced Juggling
Calling all Jugglers to come and pass clubs, throw balls and master new skills. Levitate lots of objects as a group or just watch the father and son team defy gravity.
Come along and share your passion for juggling with us. Apply new ideas, techniques, learn and socialize with Dan Dee – Master Juggler, Roo Dee – Junior Master Juggler and Eyor-Aqua Junior Juggler. Or just sit back and enjoy the patterns of levitating objects. To quote a fellow performer Jacob – Dream State Entertainment ” These guys are fantastic!” “The 7-club pass between father and son is a thing of beauty, and a privilege to see it” Audience welcome.
Ella Shannon Ritual of the Senses
A hunger for living a life less ordinary and helping others do the same led Ella to study the human psyche extensively throughout the last 19 years. She has received a Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling, Degree in Behavioural Sciences, Cert. Addiction Studies, Grad. Cert. in Emotionally Focused Therapy, a Dip. Leadership and is a Reiki Master, Tantric Yoga Teacher, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Practitioner of Eliyah Tantric Bodywork. Currently she is undertaking a Masters in Sexology. She has worked with hundreds of individuals and couples over the last 2.5 years as a Relationship Counsellor with a leading NGO and facilitated over 70 private workshops and classes for her business ‘Kundalini Tantra Cairns’. Ella brings her wealth of experience and knowledge to the day in an experiential workshop ‘Ritual of the Senses’.
The ritual of the senses; lovingly and safely facilitated by experienced teacher Ella Shannon will open you to a joyful state of being and prepare you for an amazing night of dancing and open-heartedness with old and new friends. Close your eyes and let your other senses guide you into a state of blissful, tingly, open joy! Experience consensual and gentle touch, divine sounds, gorgeous smells and even delicious tastes.. take the journey into your naturally ecstatic state with this sensual, luscious workshop.
Cecilia CaleandroHarp and soul singing jam ceremony
Cecilia has been passionate about expressing through music her entire life. A natural songstress, she was singing before knowing how to speak, and loves to share her profound connection with sound.
In a pivotal point of her inner journey, she had lost her voice, and consequently all faith in being able to live her dream as a touring artist. Her harp came to her in perfect consolation as another channel to express emotion musically, and with time and the unconditional support of our beautiful community, she has found her voice and joy again.
She now offers all she has learnt on her own self healing journey to help others reconnect to their own breath, voice and power with the beautiful healing tones of the harp and the grounding strength of her voice. She aims to bring out the music in everyone, and to inspire all to get back in touch with their higher self, and reconnect with their soul, and to follow their calling in this incarnation. �
Cecilia performs and hosts manifestation jam ceremonies and sound journeys regularly in Melbourne. She has also shared harp for yoga at various events and festivals such as Rainbow serpent, Earthcore and Dragon Dreaming. Co-Creating an empowering sisterhood jam to close the main stage at this year’s Seven sisters was a joy for her and she has also facilitated affirmation singing workshops at We are One Yoga festival and Confest.
Dani AffleckVinyasa yoga with Dani
1 hour vinyasa flow yoga including breathwork (pranayama), to balance and harmonize mind body and spirit
Ray ThorpeA herbal medicine bag
Ray is the founder of the happy herb company which started in 1993 with a mission for Herbs he has been a herbal Crusader and has spoken on herbs and natural remedies around the world Starting off with a market stall promoting herbs and their benefits it spread to 54 happy herb shops around the world. Ray will describe a herbal first aid kit that every traveler should have.
Jilli ManningPlant Magic
An experiential, exploratory and interactive workshop utilising herbs and extracts to create an unforgettable dance experience. We will explore specific plants to improve energy and mood, without depreciating our vital force, and create an elixir together to share for the night ahead. A revelry in the rebellion that is nature.
Shantelle MarieYoga and Sound Healing
Shantelle has been teaching Yoga classes at Dragon Fly Zen, Kuranda and in the Daintree for over a year & have a dance performance and gymnastics background.
Shanti is also a Medicine Singer, working with the plant medicines and advocate for the power of Sound. She collaborates with other musicians (didgeridoo, hang drum, medicine drum, singing bowls) to create a flowing guided sound journey, focused on traditional Hatha style sequencing with Deep Yin yoga intertwined.
This space will be held and guided by Shanti’s feminine, quirky & relaxing presence.
She is an experienced Yogini with a passion for body & chakra work, as a modality to connect with the self.