Sprout Festival is a 3 day Eco-Conscious Music, Arts and Educational Celebration.

Over the course of the weekend you will be delighted with the range of different offerings to keep you interested and engaged.

At the core of Sprout Festival’s programming is the music, and there is sure to be something on offer to keep every festival attendee happy and smiling for the whole weekend. We will offer a diverse musical journey featuring some of Australia’s best producers and live musicians playing alongside emerging talent from the local community. Our program will weave together a variety of festival sounds and you can expect to encounter a diverse range of genres.

However, Sprout Festival is more than just a Music Festival.

A major focus of Sprout Festival is to provide an educational platform for the festival attendee, and for every person who comes to Sprout Festival to walk away with beneficial learning experiences. This will be catered for by a workshop and educational space providing thought provoking information sessions and hands on workshops. The key theme of these workshops and information sessions will be focused on Sustainability and Environmental Consciousness. We encourage every festival attendee to get engaged with this area and take home something useful and beneficial.

The entire festival experiences will also be complimented by a range of market stalls offering a delicious healthy menu and items crafted by local artisans.

Taking inspiration from the traditional outdoor festival culture in Far North Queensland, Sprout Festival aims to expand on this culture, and set roots for the future, with the vision of utilising these events and experiences to facilitate the change the we want to see for the future.

There will truly be something for everyone at Sprout Festival, So come along, and plant some seeds for the future.

Stay tuned for more information and updates in the coming months.