Festival Guidelines

Please Read these guidelines before attending Sprout Festival 2018

These festival guidelines are to ensure that everyone has the safest, most enjoyable time possible at the festival. Please follow them.

Management reserves the right to eject patrons if they are seen to be breaking any festival rules.


No Domesticated Animals – Especially dogs – Medical assistance dogs are permitted.
No Glass – Just buy cans people, it is more sustainable, and much easier for our rubbish crew.
No Illegal Substances.
No Anti-Social Behaviour – Smile! We guarantee your weekend will be so much more enjoyable.
No Excessive Noise – This includes renegade sound systems, car stereos and personal generators.
No Motor Bikes or Qaud Bikes.
No Fires – We have a total fire ban on site.
No Swimming – Do so at your own risk.
Leave No Trace – We take waste management very seriously – Help us out by doing your bit and taking your rubbish home with you.
Wear your wristband at all times – They are made to last all weekend. If for some reason it gets damaged, please make your way to the information tent to organise a replacement.
Please stay within the festival perimeters – Our public liability will be waived for anyone outside these areas.


Sprout Festival is an outdoor festival. We aim to create the safest environment possible, however there are certain risks associated with attendance that you must take responsibility for.
By attending Sprout Festival 2018 you accept full responsibility for yourself and your actions. Management reserves the right to refuse entry or to eject patrons throughout the course of the festival if your behaviour is considered to be inappropriate.
The above festival rules are conditions of entry. Failure to follow these rules can result in you being ejected from the festival.



Everyone enjoys a drink, however certain rules must be followed to ensure everyone has the safest, most enjoyable festival experience possible.
BYO alcohol is permitted and no alcohol will be sold on site.
No Glass – No Exceptions
This must be followed, and will be strictly enforced. If you are going to bring cartons of your favourite beer, cider or spirits, buy it in a can. If your favourite does not come in can, try something else for the weekend. Glass water bottles and food containers are permitted but must be kept in your camp site.
No Excessive Alcohol
Everyone enjoys a drink; however, it must be enjoyed in moderation. Amounts of alcohol that are deemed to be excessive by our front gate staff or by event security upon entry will to confiscated.
No Anti-Social Behaviour
Sprout Festival is a family friendly community event. Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to anti social behaviour and management and event security staff reserves the right to eject patrons from the festival if their behaviour is deemed to be anti-social. Enjoy yourself in moderation please people!
Car Searches
All cars will be searched upon entry, so make our job easier and your wait shorter by ensuring that all eskies and cartons are easily accessible and/or viewable.


Road safety is a massive area of concern for us at Sprout Festival and the local community. Please make sure that you follow all directions from on site signage and event staff while entering and exiting the festival.
Do not drive tired
Getting back a few hours is not worth your life, or someone else’s – Get a good rest before your drive home.
Do not drive under the influence
We will be working with local authorises and emergency services to minimise the amount of unsafe drivers on the roads. Expect Random Breath and drug testing upon entry and exit of the festival. For your own and public safety, make sure you are sober before taking the wheel.


Sprout festival is a family friendly event, there will be a family camping area with a kids space at the festival.
Children 13 and under are permitted onto festival grounds free of charge, but must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


Music and Entertainment – 4pm Friday – 2am Monday

Gates Open – 9am Friday

Festival Patrons must be off site by 4pm Tuesday Afternoon


Home rule falls is within walking distance of out festival site. This is outside of our festival perimeters and you will not covered by our event liability, or have access to our security and first aid services. If you are going to venture off into the bush, do so at your own risk. We accept no responsibility for the actions of any festival patrons actions outside the festival perimeters.
If you are going to make your way to the falls, please for your own safety only swim in the bottom pool and to not climb up the rock face.


There are some individuals who believe that if they cannot afford to pay for a festival ticket then they can get away with sneaking in. This will not be tolerated. Anyone found sneaking in will be ejected from the festival grounds, and will not be able to re-enter. If these individuals are inside of a car with ticket holding festival goers, the entire car full of people will not be allowed to enter and you will be made to surrender your ticket without a refund. Apply to volunteer or buy a early release ticket if you want to save some money.


Festival Checklist – Bring these things for a more enjoyable weekend
Drinking water and a reusable container – please avoid single use water bottles
Sun Protection – Slip, Slop, Slap!
Warm clothes – It gets cold at night
Spare clothes – Don’t forget clean socks
Appropriate footwear – We recommend wearing fully enclosed footwear at night time
Wet weather gear – Far North Queensland is unpredictable – Better to be safe than sorry
Camping Gear – All your necessary items to be comfortable
Esky or Portable Fridge – Just remember, no generators to run it
Torch and spare batteries
Portable ashtrays for smokers
Earplugs for light sleepers
A good attitude and an open mind


General Advice 
Please print out your ticket and have your ID upon entry.
Check Sprout Festival Facebook Page and Website before departing for the festival to ensure you are up to date with all relevant information.
Lock or hide all valuables away. As much as we like to think that everyone is trustworthy, it only takes one thief to ruin your entire festival experience.
If you see any theft taking place please report it directly to event security or event staff.
Look out for one another. If you see someone in need of assistance, help them!
Drink plenty of water.
Respect your neighbours, say hello and look out for them and their belongings.
Please drive at a maximum of 10km/h on festival site, and keep your hazard lights on while driving around.
Think about what you bring! If you are not willing to take it home, do not bring it with you.
Follow event staff instructions at all times.
Open yourself up to new interactions and experiences. These events have the potential to create magical experiences, and provide a outlet for growth and learning. Keep an open mind and you will be surprised what you can walk away with.
SMILE 😊 and enjoy yourself.